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World Paranormal Investigations, LLC was founded back in July of 2004.
John and Bea Brugge, USA Founders are the Presidents with home base
located in Ohio. John Wyke and Lisa Beeton, UK Founders are the
Presidents of the West Midlands, United Kingdom. This group was started
so that 2 countries could come together and share paranormal
experiences as well as investigate paranormal activity.

WPI USA and UK provide professional investigations to private homes
and businesses.

WPI uses both scientific and spiritual methods in conducting our
investigations. The scientific method involves the use of electronic
equipment to capture photographic, video and audio. The spiritual
method involves the use of mediums who use their abilities to capture
past impressions of a location.

All of our investigations are free of charge and we will never ask for any
donations or financial of any kind. Our equipment and travel is paid for
by the individual team members.
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WPI proudly supports
If You Haunt It, We Will Come
~John Brugge, USA Founder/President
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