Signal Tree
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This is the rock that sits in front
of the tree.  This old bur oak is
over 300 years old.
Signal Tree
The five photographs were taken by Allison F.  on 11-04-05 between the hours of 9 PM and 11 PM at
Signal Tree using a Canon Powershot G2 4.0 MP digital camera.  Signal Tree is an Oak Tree that
over 300 years old.  The tree is located in Akron, Ohio at the Cascade Valley Park.  It is believed by
some that Native Americans, who used it as some sort of a trail guide, manipulated the tree into its
current shape, when it was small.  Three of the photographs show a "misty fog" that seems to be
swirling around.  Two photographs, taken during the seance, appear near John.  These two, appear
to some, to look like faces.  The other photographs taken by Allison F. seem to show an "orb" in
motion.  Weather conditions, the evening of the investigation were not a factor.  There was no
breeze at all and it was eerily quiet and still.  The temperature was about 60 +/- degrees.  There
was no condensation coming from anyone's breath.  If that was the case then almost every
photograph should have had some "fog" in it.  Out of 115 photographs taken by Allison F. that
evening, only 7 had fog in them.  This is also the investigation where one of the investigators was
shoved from behind by an unseen force while videotaping the seance.