Jennie Wade House
This board is believed to have the
blood from Jennie Wade on it.
This was the area where it was picked
up that someone was hiding.
Mikey was picking up on something
and then felt a cold breeze.  
He found the location of the breeze
and debunked it from being anything
paranormal.  Only to have "gotcha"
come through the Spirit Box.  
These are the original steps
This is the original door
If you look closely you can see the
bullet hole that was made from the
bullet that killed Jennie Wade
Mikey asked a question about the
biscuits and he got a response of "take
em'" on the Spirit Box
Mikey continues to talk about the
biscuits and "yes sir" comes through
on the Spirit Box
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These were captured on the
Spirit Box and Audio
"Take em" (:03 seconds)

"Yes Sir" (:07 seconds)

"Gotcha" (:27 seconds)

"Hi" (:04 seconds)
You will here Bea ask hi afterwards