Isaac Miller Inn
Magnolia, Ohio
Location:           Isaac Miller Inn, Magnolia, OH
Date:                   November 3, 2007

Location Description: The two-story, commercial structure, now home to Taggarts Ice Cream Parlor and the Magnolia Historical Society
was built circa 1830. The structure has been used in the past as a hotel, tavern, restaurant, pharmacy, pizza shop and t-shirt shop.
Taggarts, which leases part of the building, is located on the first floor. Taggarts uses the unfinished basement for storage. The walk-in
cooler and freezer, where ice cream and other food items are stored, are located in the basement as well. The Magnolia Historical Society
occupies the second floor and uses the un-finished attic for storage.

Paranormal Activity Reported: There has been no reported history of paranormal activity until Taggarts opened in April 2007. Since that
time, the following activity has been reported:

  • A maintenance man heard footsteps in the building when no one else was there.

  • Ice cream originally stored in the freezer, would be found somewhere else in the basement, melted. This has happened twice. The ice
    cream is stored in five-gallon containers.

  • Chocolate sauce that is kept in the cooler has also been found out of place in some other part of the basement.

  • A female employee of Taggarts had her hair pulled as she was coming out of the basement cooler. An electrician, who was also in the
    basement at the same time, also had his hair pulled.

  • On one occasion, there was coffee in the main dinning room coffee pot brewing when employees came to work.

  • A Taggarts employee observed a “shadow lady” sitting on a chair in the employees bathroom on the second floor.

  • While sitting in the “tea room”, a group of teachers from a local school, were seated at a table having lunch, when a ketchup bottle
    and sugar packet flew off another table toward them. This occurred after one of the teachers commented on how ugly the wife of Isaac
    Miller was. A photo of Drusilla Miller hangs on the first floor near the main entrance.

Investigative Evidence: During the investigation numerous photographs were taken using digital and 35mm cameras. Several audio
recorders were used throughout the investigation in attempts to capture EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). Temperature gauges and
EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field) detectors were also used to measure any fluctuations from the base readings.

During investigations, investigators will sometimes feel surges of energy when they walk into a room with paranormal activity.
Investigators encountered no unusual feelings or major paranormal experiences during this investigation. There were several minor
things that happened throughout the investigation, such as a faint “howling” which was heard by investigators in the attic, and which was
also heard on audio.

The EMF registered .6-.8 in the attic, however the base reading in the attic was .4, so this may be nothing.

Several whistling sounds were heard in addition to several other unusual sounds captured on audio and video.

There was also an incident in the kitchen where a mop fell when an investigator opened the saloon doors to step in. Previous to this, Team
One was in the kitchen and the mop never fell, even though three adult males were walking around. After the mop fell it was put back in
place and investigators tried to get the mop to fall again by walking and jumping around the kitchen. No matter what was done, the
investigators could not get the mop to fall.

Results of Investigation:
278 digital photographs taken.
48 35mm photographs taken.
14 hours 40 minutes of video.
4 hour 19 minutes of audio.

PHOTO: The freezer and cooler, located in the basement were several unexplained events have occurred.

PHOTO: The tea room where the ketchup bottle was thrown.

PHOTO: The mop that fell over in the kitchen.

PHOTO: Main dining area.

PHOTO:  Chair in which shadow lady was observed sitting.

PHOTO: Isaac Miller Inn
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