Madison Seminary
"Can't Help Me"
Top O' The World
Photo source: Summit County Metro Parks
Soldier's Memorial Theatre
What appears to be a reddish/white misty "figure" walking, from left to right, at the top of the
stairs in this video, was captured on 9-16-06, just a few seconds before midnight at the Soldiers
Memorial Theatre & Arts Centre in Beckley, West Virginia.  This image was captured using a
Sony Hi8 Handycam, CCD-TRV87 using "Super Nightshot."  The video camera was setup on a
tripod in the basement underneath the stage and positioned looking across the basement to the
stairs leading up to the stage.  This area was described as being one of the "hot spots" in the
theatre. Several members of the investigation team also felt a strong energy in this location, i.e.
tingling sensations, hair standing up on the arms, etc.

One member of the investigation team was sitting in the basement with audio equipment at the
time of this video capture, but did not see or hear anything.

This video has been analyzed and compared with investigator's completely different and are seen
throughout the video.  The "figure" is only observed this one time.  As of right now the "figure"
at the top of the stairs cannot be explained.

NOTE:The apparition is at the top of the stairs
We have included a couple different videos showing you what a flashlight and a camera flash
look like.
Inn On The River
Cleveland Agora
Private Residence (Parma, OH)
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West Main St Winery & Brewery
(Ravenna, OH)
"Yeah" (:12 seconds) (Preliminary)
You will hear John and Jim talking
and then the "Yeah"

"Yeah" (:04 seconds)
Bea will ask if they help make the

"Orb" by clock (:04 seconds)
We are not firm believers in orbs due
to the controversy surrounded by
them. After viewing and examining
the video clip we don't have an
explanation. It wasn't a bug, dust,
flash, etc. You will see the pendulum
and then at :04 seconds you will see
the "orb" bounce out of the clock.