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9-10pm EST/6-7pm PST as we talk with guests of all genres. The show
will also be open to discussions, movie reviews, reaching out to
charities to help spread the word, etc. So TOMB in, sit back and enjoy
the ride! We can guarantee that the show is so's scary!

If you would like to be a guest on the show or would like for us to book
someone you can email us at

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Past Guests

*Mel Novak
*Alex Michell
*Josh Chaney
*Michelle Tomlinson
*Matthew Ewald
*Thomas J. Churchill
*James DuMont
*Daniel Emery Taylor
*Destiny Rydas
*Rick McCallum
*Ted Poley
*Elec Simon
*Lace Grainger
*Meredith Kochan
*Allen Carter
*Priscilla Soltero
*David Heavener
*Chad and Tim Fuller
*Danielle Davidson
*Sal Lizard
*Roseanne Drake
*Jackie Kay
*Amanda Marie
*Sharon Coyle
*Rachelle Rozzo
*Marty Seibel
*Ferry Plantation
*Lynchburg's Haunted
*Sheri LeAnn
*Tamera Lawrence
*Christina McWaters
*Erin O. Wallace
*Linda L. Howell
*Andrea Perron
*Ken Sagoes
*Christopher Saint Booth
*Rachel Marie Booth
*Wanda Kay
*Michael Aloisi
*Randy Hampton
*Trayvon Ellis
*Troy Copes
*James Garrett
*Dorothiea Patton 'Seka'
*Shellie Kindel
*Santiago Cirilo
*Sara Jay
*Tiffany Apan
*David Roach
*John and Julie Hayes
*Jeri Smith
*Scott Takeda
*Charles Agron
*Denise Gossett
*Gregory Hatanaka
*Vincent Varco
*Chris Hahn
*William Lee
*J LaRose
*Sean Whalen
At this time John and Bea are reformatting the show and will be
coming back soon. Stay TOMBED as they return with new guests and