The Carriage House Night Club
Louisville, Ohio
Location:                  Public night club in Louisville, OH
Date:                          July 20, 2008

Location Description: Three-floor structure. The Carriage House Night Club is a bar with a dance floor, two bars and a stage for live
bands. The main bar occupies the lower floor, which consists of the dance floor, stage and DJs booth. The first floor consists of a bar
and the main entrance. The middle of the first floor is open over the dance floor. There is also an upper floor where the owners live.
(The upper floor was not investigated).

Paranormal Activity Reported: The Carriage House was originally built in 1915 when it was known as the Harrisburg Inn. Ray &
Clair purchased the business in 1977. The owners decided to rename the establishment because of the bad reputation it had.
Customers were polled and it was renamed the Carriage House Night Club.
Ray believes the building was used in the past as a garage, whorehouse and an illegal establishment in its early years.
Some of the past paranormal incidents include footsteps being heard and shadows being seen.

Investigative Evidence: Investigators reviewed all the photographs, video and audio. Nothing that can be classified as paranormal
was captured on any of the recorded media.

It is in WPI’s opinion that there is not enough evidence to classify this establishment as being haunted. Follow-up investigations
would be needed in an attempt to gather more concrete evidence.

Results of Investigation:
314 digital photographs taken.
18 hours 00 minutes of video.
1 hour 48 minutes of audio.
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