Private Residence
Boardman, Ohio
Location:           Private Residence, Boardman, OH
Date:                   September 15, 2007

Location Description: Single family, one story house built in 1921. The structure consists of an enclosed front porch, living
room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and three bedrooms. There is also an enclosed porch off the kitchen. There is an
unfinished dormer attic along with a full, unfinished basement.

Paranormal Activity reported: The current homeowners, Steven and Laura*, who currently rent the property, have lived in
the house for about four years.

The first week in the house they both heard a loud “explosion” from within the kitchen. This occurred while they were
sitting in the kitchen. They could not find a reason for the “explosion”.

They both have uneasy feelings in the basement.

“Breathy” voices are heard throughout the house, but what is being said is undecipherable. Sometimes it is believed the
voices are saying “hi” and/or “I’m here”. While lying in bed a few weeks ago Laura heard a breathy voice say “huh” in her

Shadows are seen, by guests and them, inside and outside of the house.

Rapping and knocking noises are heard.

“Spiro-graph” light patterns have been seen in the hallway.

Laura has felt something “get in” or “sit on” the bed while she is in bed. When she looks, there is nothing there.

One day they were both working in the backyard when Laura went to get her gardening gloves. She could not find them after
searching everywhere for them. After a little while Steven went in the house and discovered the gloves in the middle of the
kitchen floor neatly folded in a praying position. The gloves were not there earlier.

Occasionally a kitchen cupboard door will be found open, as well as the closet door in the northeast sitting room.

A lot of guests have also had unusual things happen to them while in the house.

The activity does get quiet for a while and then starts acting up again. Laura stated she also “sages and smudges” the house
to get rid of the activity. It seems to work for a while, but the activity always starts up again.

Investigative Evidence: Bea stated at one point during the investigation she felt her hair being pulled while John, Nikki and
her were in the living room. She described the feeling as a “breeze” that moved her hair, but stated there was no breeze.

Another occurrence happened in the northeast sitting room around 11:30 PM. Present were Greg, Kathy, Allison and Laura.
Allison started getting a strong headache at the same time the temperature dropped to a low of around 52 degrees. The base
temperature in this room was 63.8 degrees. This was videotaped using the stationary camera and the hand held camera.
There is a possibility the temperature dropped because the furnace/AC had been turned off at the beginning of the

Nothing paranormal was captured on audio, video or on any of the photographs. There were also no changes in the EMF
readings or temperature readings besides the one temperature change mentioned.

No conclusive evidence was obtained from this investigation. It is recommended that another investigation be scheduled in
the future.

Results of Investigation:
261 digital photographs taken.
12 hours 30 minutes of video.
2 hours 15 minutes of audio

Location: Hallway
Details: The hallway where “Spiro-graph” light patterns have been observed by the residents.
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